Sale Bulls

2024 Sale Bulls

Hereford bulls will be offered for sale through an Internet auction beginning January 19 and closing January 21, 2024. Please get familiar with how the sale works by clicking on the Internet Sale tab. The Hereford Bulls were all weaned in October 2022 with no creep, fed a low energy roughage ration until May 2023, then weighed and turned out to pasture. Bulls were semen tested in December and will be guaranteed if the buyer wants to semen test in the spring.

We welcome visits! These registered Hereford bulls can be viewed any time; we encourage people to set up a visit early and at their convenience.

Disposition Rating

Explanation of the disposition rating: In the course of getting ready for the sale, we have had the bulls singled out three times and pushed them to see what they would tolerate.  We then used this to give them a disposition rating (dis).  See the key below.

Disposition Rating
  1 Will hunt you down  
  2 Aggressive if cornered  
  3 Somewhere between a 2 and a 4  
  4 Nervous, but not aggressive  
  5 Can hold in corner, but if you give him an opening, he will leave  
  6 Can hold in corner and he will stand quietly  
  7 Can grab by horn and turn them around  
  8 You can walk them around with your hand on hip  
  9 You can scratch them, very quiet  
  10 Likes to be scratched