2017 Sale Results

LotStarting BidPurchased By
25$8,000Seim Ranch
4$6,000J Lazy K
41$8,250Wynia Ranch
26$5,250Krakow Hereford Ranch
39$7,000J Lazy K
24Retained for Own Use
40$5,000Judy Fredrichs
33$4,500Jim Grace
2$5,500Jim Grace
31$4,750Joe Leheska
21$4,500Joe Leheska
28Retained for Own Use
29$5,050Mike Gilbertz
7$4,250Jason Boll
16Retained for Own Use
19$5,000Frank Bailey
14$4,500Frank Bailey
57$4,500Jim Grace
54$4,250Joel Prien
1$4,000Chad Moser
46$4,000Kenzy Ranch
42$3,750Available by Private Treaty
37$3,500Available by Private Treaty
43Retained for Own Use
30Retained for Own Use
61Retained for Own Use
55Retained for Own Use
5Retained for Own Use
20$4,500Mike Gilbertz
3$4,250Fuoss Angus
44Retained for Own Use
11$4,000Keizer Farms
48Retained for Own Use
60$3,750Available by Private Treaty
51Retained for Own Use
63$3,500Available by Private Treaty
53$3,500Andrew Canham
36$3,500Andrew Canham
62$4,000Available by Private Treaty
47Retained for Own Use
49$3,000Edgar Bros
18$3,500Available by Private Treaty
59$3,500Available by Private Treaty
12$3,500Keizer Farms
38$3,000Available by Private Treaty
35$4,000Edgar Bros
52$3,000Edgar Bros
13$2,000Available by Private Treaty
10$2,000Available by Private Treaty

Disposition Rating

Explanation of the disposition rating: In the course of getting ready for the sale, we have had the bulls singled out three times and pushed them to see what they would tolerate.  We then used this to give them a disposition rating (dis).  See the key below.

Disposition Rating
  1 Will hunt you down  
  2 Aggressive if cornered  
  3 Somewhere between a 2 and a 4  
  4 Nervous, but not aggressive  
  5 Can hold in corner, but if you give him an opening, he will leave  
  6 Can hold in corner and he will stand quietly  
  7 Can grab by horn and turn them around  
  8 You can walk them around with your hand on hip  
  9 You can scratch them, very quiet  
  10 Likes to be scratched