Welcome to the Knippling Hereford website! Our ranch has been passed down from generation to generation since 1910. We are proud to display a line of registered Hereford bulls that our family has bred for the past 67 years.

Jerry and his brothers were part of the original Knippling Bros. Ranch, Inc. that most people are familiar with. In 2003, the senior partners decided that dividing the land usage and cattle was in the best interest of the company.

Today, Knippling Hereford consists of Jerry, Randy and Susie, and Rob, as well as Garin and Jerri Ann Haak, and Tyler and Sarah Daniel (Randy’s sons-in-law and daughters).

We are proudly maintaining the same programs and practices that the operation has been known for over the years. We work hard to raise quality registered and commercial Hereford and Angus seed stock with good temperament, length and eye appeal, that will perform well under range conditions as well as in the feed lot.


Sale Bulls

Hereford bulls will be offered for sale through an Internet auction beginning January 19 and closing January 21, 2024.

Gentle Bull Power to Start a Quality Herd

We only use the best bulls – the ones that have great muscle tone, length, eye appeal and gentleness – to sire quality herds for our customers. This attention to quality shows, as customers come back year after year and purchase our cattle with confidence.

Sale Heifers

We are offering 200 head of our top-end, home-raised F1 Black Baldy replacement heifers.

67th Annual Sale

Feel free to download or print the below sale catalog.

Disposition Rating

Explanation of the disposition rating: In the course of getting ready for the sale, we have had the bulls singled out three times and pushed them to see what they would tolerate.  We then used this to give them a disposition rating (dis).  See the key below.

Disposition Rating
  1 Will hunt you down  
  2 Aggressive if cornered  
  3 Somewhere between a 2 and a 4  
  4 Nervous, but not aggressive  
  5 Can hold in corner, but if you give him an opening, he will leave  
  6 Can hold in corner and he will stand quietly  
  7 Can grab by horn and turn them around  
  8 You can walk them around with your hand on hip  
  9 You can scratch them, very quiet  
  10 Likes to be scratched